About Us

Our mission

It is great to have you here at! Let’s talk a little bit about who we are. We are a very nice and diverse team of men and women who are happy to watch porn, and we have found our passion in finding the greatest porn sites out there, those that are really worth checking out, and that will really give a great experience for anyone who joins them.
In our team, we have people who specializes in different areas of expertise. For example, our team includes writers, sexuality experts, webmasters, among others, whose main purpose is to provide you with a honest list that includes the porn sites that are really good, for pretty much every category you want to find.
We decided to do this because we believe that everyone should know what is behind the nice and pretty marketing or sales efforts of every premium porn website. Everyone should be able to know what is really there to expect once they have paid for the membership. If the content, quality, variety, security, etc. is not good, you must be able to know about it.
Even when you would probably believe that our job is great and easy because we only watch porn, the truth is that it is not as simple as it sounds to make sure that everything is alright with the websites. Likewise, it is also not so easy to be the “guinea pig” that will be used to test if anything is wrong with the website. With all and all, we feel happy to do what we do, because we provide a very much needed and useful service, about something we really like.

Our promise to you

What we promise you, when you enter our website, is to give you trustable and real opinions about the best porn sites. We do not include websites that are not even worth looking at, so you can be sure that any site you find in our list is a good bet.
Another promise we have for you is to always provide you with the best value when you visit us, and that’s why we have really great pieces of free content from some of the best porn producers out there. They allow us to show you their material so you can check out for yourself the quality they offer and therefore attract more members to their sites. This is a great strategy for them, but also a great way for you to watch free porn!
In addition to these two promises, we also are able to offer you great discounts for joining membership sites. You just need to come from us to join their website, and you will enjoy a very discounted price. Our promises are not so bad, are they?

What criteria do we use to review porn sites?

Soon after we started, we discovered that rating a website involves more than a couple of aspects, so we have developed a system that considers very complex criteria, in order to deliver an accurate review. Our review criteria includes factors such as:
How the user feels the website
It is really important for us to verify that the websites we include offer a nice experience for the users when they join their site. We review things such as page navigation, problems with links, pop-up windows, video loading, etc.

Quality of the Content

Of course, we also check that the websites we review keep a good quality content. We check if they have HD videos, if their content is appealing, and in general, that their quality really compensates and delivers much more of the fee people pay for joining their websites. This is one of the most important aspects we have in mind and it will decide if we will include a website in our list at or not.
Page Rank
This is an important parameter we consider in order to verify that the website is reputable. This parameter also involves the Domain Authority of the site, which lets us know if the site is in a good standing, or if it is likely to be a rogue website.

Web security

We also verify that the websites we review are free of any issue that might harm your computer. We know now that there are a lot of malicious websites that only want to obtain credit card data, or that want to install spyware, viruses or other harmful material in your hard drive. We make sure that we only suggest to our readers completely safe sites.
After reading about us and about our criteria to review sites, we hope that you feel confident of the content you will find here in Please feel free to send us any comment or doubt you have. We are here to help! Simply go to our Contact Us page.

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