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great pay website with awesome gay stuff

Game For Gay Review

Game for Gay is a brand new gay porn site that brings a lot of fun challenges in their gay HD videos. This gay xxx site is not only for gay men, but also for straight men who are curious how these gay dudes were able to seduce straight men. It is a completely new concept for sexy gay porn that you will definitely enjoy all the time.

One look at the site and you can already feel so much thrilled to explore Game for Gay. The site title is already catchy enough to make a good impression. “Game for Gay” gives us an idea that this site will be fun filled and full of surprises. The site has a huge banner with pictures and screenshots from the site’s collection. The banner is very creative because the design is like a piece of scratchpad or a notepad, which I assume is used to write down challenges and games.

It is a very modernized concept and I personally like it. The fonts used are also readable and neat. On the bottom part of the banner, you will see the main menu. There’s the link for the homepage. You can also easily access the next exclusive updates through the main menu. You can also find the link to the favorites section. Second to the last link is for the customer support. Then lastly is the link leading to the friendly sites.

The homepage is where you can see some updates about the site. There’re the recently added exclusive videos, most popular videos and the most watched videos. There is a dropdown option where you can select which type of videos you want to display in the page. Once selected, the page will display around five videos from the category. Out from these videos, you will be able to get the video’s title, the ratings, the date it was added, the video duration, the dimension of the video and the number of high resolution photos included in the scene.

There is also a scene description, download option, a link to the comments section, a comment box and the ‘add to favorites’ option. Apart from that, there are also suggested videos at the right side of the display, which are based on the videos that the main actor starred from other sites. The high resolution photos page is where you can get an array of pictures from the scene. Not all of the pictures are erotic and dirty because there are also pictures from the moment the actor received the challenge from the producer.

The site already has more than 17 exclusive scenes to enjoy. There are no restrictions and policies when downloading or streaming the videos, which is a good thing. The site offers different video formats like the WMV Full HD, which is 1920×1080. This is the highest and the most excellent quality that you can get from the videos. Then, there’s also the WMV, which is 640×480. The MP4 format is only available in 640×480. You will encounter these formats if you download videos from the site since you’ll be asked to select from these download options. If you
want to enjoy the videos from the site’s flash player, you can also stream the videos which are also offered in excellent quality as the downloaded ones. To be exact, these videos are available in 768×432.

However, the older videos have different specs than the newer ones. The videos are approximately 30 minutes each. The images on the other hand are available in a dimension of 1200×800. However, some pictures do not fall on this standard dimension. I assume these photos are the older ones so the images may vary a little when it comes to sizes. The level of photography in the pictures is semi-professional to professional. The lighting is excellent and the colors are not dull. There are also 17 photo sets in the collection with over 450 pictures each set.

We have a bunch of gay men who are up for some challenging tasks in Game for Gay. Everyday, you will surely keep on looking for more videos and see how these dudes will win over those challenges. The models that we have are not only enthusiastic but they are also very horny. They are willing to do whatever it takes to seduce a straight guy and feed their horny selves. The guys are based in Russia and so as the location of the videos. Well, this clearly explains the bravery and the guts of our challengers here, right? Whether you believe it or not, the actors are all amateurs and ready to wander along the streets to find a straight guy to perform the challenge with.

These fresh-faced dudes seem like very appealing to the eyes of these totally random strangers because it won’t take them that much to convince someone to do something naughty with them. These challenges are not only for the weak because there are some challenges that are really hardcore and badass. Prepare to see some gay man to straight guy fucking because the scenes are not only limited to unchallenging blowjobs and handjobs. To give you an idea, some of the challenges require the gay man to have sex with a taxi driver, a bartender, a skater, a plumber, or even those athletic and masculine guys in the streets. The conversations are not in English and there are no subtitles available though.

amazing premium website if you're up for class-A gay videos


If you’re gay or simply just feeling gay, I highly recommend Game for Gay. There are a lot of exciting videos and challenges that you will be looking forward from one scene to the other. There’s always a different level of thrill in every challenge because who knows how these gay men could do it? What’s better is that you can view these videos in high quality. What a bummer could it be to see these videos in a crappy resolution, right? It would definitely take out every inch of fun in the videos.

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