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This one is among the most awesome pay porn website if you're into awesome hardcore stuff

Brazzers Review

I consider this porn site as the granddaddy of them all. And if you haven’t heard of them, man, your planet must be that boring huh. From what I’ve heard, they’re coordinating with NASA and are planning to send some actors into space to see if they can fuck while floating inside the shuttle.

I hope they don’t send that bald guy because he’s played too many roles and wanked too many girls already. With thousands of models, videos and images under their name, one will surely have a hard time leaving the site. Not to mention their roster of more than 30 affiliate sites, I bet that they’ll be holding on to the top of the food chain for quite some time.

As you enter the site, you will notice that it allows you to choose different filters from the freshest and most recent videos to a “I Feel Horny” tab. As far as I remember, they’ve got a total of 33 sites under their network, some notable names are Doctoadventures, Jizzonmyjugs and Bigwetbutts. It’s very user-friendly and easy to navigate. They even got niche filters aside from the ones that I mentioned, so looking for that specific sexual pleasure will never be a challenge. They now have at least 6,500 movies all 30 minutes long and as I checked on some of their videos, most of the recent ones that were uploaded are in high definition.

But several clicks from page to page, the video quality starts to diminish considerably. The images are equally the same as the videos and can be downloaded as ZIP files. And when you click on a certain video, still shots from that video are featured at the same time so you’ll know what to expect from the video. Videos are constantly updated almost every day so expect fresh videos daily.

But just like any other porn sites, some of their sister sites haven’t received any updates for the past years. A good example of this misfortune was the Hqhoneys site. This one hasn’t been updated for over a decade now with only 10 videos in total. I would also like to point out that if you’re a fan of amateurs or reality porn, you might get a bit disappointed to the fact that all their videos are courtesy of professional porn stars.

I’m actually an amateur porn dude myself but with it really depends on what I’m watching. If the model gives me a quick boner the moment I watch her video, then what the heck. Those are just some rooms for improvement that I would like to point out and I’m pretty sure that they’ll do better. As for added bonuses like live chat and an impressive roster of fine actresses, they also offer over 50,000 scenes courtesy of more than a hundred 3rd party sites. Now that’s a win win deal and puts value to your hard earned bucks.

I tell you their star studded list of pornlandia’s finest is really impressive that you don’t know what to watch first. I’m kinda in the mood watching MILF vids at the time of writing so let’s start with that. Saw a video from August Ames where she plays a trophy wife of a rich prick. This lady, a Latina looking lass, wide and perfect pair of lips ready to hug some long hard cock. She’s got nice, firm and round mammas with equally voluptuous body. Ms. Ames is having quite an argument with I believe her husband on the video.

Funny thing is the scene was shot in the poolside with a pool boy looking over. Not to mention she’s already on her birthday suit flirting with the pool boy before the argument started. Talk about having faith that nothing’s gonna happen with your wife and pool boy when you leave them on their own. So as expected, as soon as her husband left, the pool dude went towards her and he was welcomed by a nice stroking action from August that eventually lead to nice long cock sucking.

It took a good 4 or 5 minutes of the videos before moving on to their hardcore fucking. They’ve done several pleasurable positions on the video like the reverse cowgirl with her feet resting on both thighs of the guy. Love the way her boobies bounce while she rides on that long hard dick. Also did the doggy where her hair’s being pulled by the fortunate fellow while she’s being banged real hard. Also did another reverse cowgirl where she’s facing sideways and in a kneeling position. Both got a bit exhausted and did the missionary with August’s left leg raised for easy pussy access.

Another video was from Savannah Stern as she was inspected by airport police. (of course, that’s being portrayed by that bald guy once again) Savannah’s got one hell of a body, like she’s been to the gym more often, dark haired, firm round tits and nicely shaven pussy. The action started with Savannah giving that fucker a boob job that leads to one creamy cock sucking. This was just a preview, so it only featured some of the highlights. They later on did a standing position with Savannah’s right thigh raised. Did the reverse cowgirl and finally banged on top of the table. There are lots of lusty contents to see from this site and I’ll just leave it to you guys to check.

Surely the finest premium porn website with amazing hardcore scenes


Brazzers will continue to be one of porn world’s leaders in satisfying men all over. They’ve got models who’ll make you don’t want to log off from your device. Superb HD videos and equally fine quality images are just one of the reasons it maintained its reputation.

With the site only showcasing seasoned porn stars, I hope in the near future they’d reconsider making a site or two that would feature amateurs and first time cock suckers. Updates are constant to most of their sites and I hope it continues that way. Brazzers is a good pick for a porn site with a value for every penny spent.

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