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Analized Review

There is much that you can do on the internet, especially if you are a fan of porn, and you like to watch hardcore movies. There are many sites that have the hardcore genre as their flagship, but most of them are definitely not nearly as good as they advertise.

There are a lot of sites that you can see, but this one is better than most, and it is called, simply, Analized, where you get to see a lot of hot women in anal action, some of the most hardcore action that I have yet to see, and be sure that there are many categories here, too.

This is a lovely site, and you will enjoy everything that there is to find on its pages, starting from the design itself. All of the design screams modern, and that is not a bad thing by itself, as the site has a lot to say for itself, that is, you can see that the design is optimized, even though it has all those details that make it in tune with the times. At the top of the page, you will find an image that is animated, and it shows you scenes from the videos.

It is a large image, and you will love the scenes, as it is usually a close up of some anal sex, some pretty intense anal sex. Above that is the menu bar, which is in black, with the most essential of the buttons, that is, the home page, the search bar, the models, the categories, the members’ area, and the button which is in red, that is, the joining button. Below that, you can find the previews of the videos, which are thumbnails, two by two, with ratings, short descriptions, the duration, as well as the date on which they were added.

If you continue to scroll, you will find the updates to come, that is, new videos that are going to be added. The site also has previews of the models, further below, and you can enjoy their hot bodies, even before you join the site. But, if you join, you do get the ultra-fast bandwidth, which makes your browsing even more enjoyable, as you can then open the pages in no time at all. The site also has a mobile version, which helps improve the browsing, too.

Now, as you get to the content itself, you are greeted by a lot of variety. This site has many a hot girl, in all the categories, Asian, Black, brunettes, blondes, mature ones, those that are fresh, and more. The categories mean that you will see different videos, yet all of them will have intense anal sex. The sex is amazing, and the buttholes do indeed get penetrated with vehemence, some even get two dicks inside them, at one time.

The videos here are amazing, they stretch from full HD to ultra HD, which is a category for itself. There are many videos here, that is, over 50, and you can stream them if you like.

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Analized is a great site, and not many of them can brag about it. It has a terrific, modern design, and it is easily accessible, not to mention that you can take pleasure in having so many categories, and so many hot women that you will enjoy. The site also has a ton of high-quality videos for you to download, and it is a must-have for all the fans of anal sex.

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