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JP Shavers
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Jp Shavers Review

Japanese women in the adult entertainment industry are often considered the most popular and the best adult entertainment models, and people of different race and gender have watched and downloaded Japanese adult entertainment videos. But what is it with the Japanese women that the audience love so much? It has been proven and stated that these women know how to do adult entertainment videos, their acting skills are superb and they look genuine from head to toe, and when we say genuine we mean they have real tits and bushes on their pussies as they want to be as natural as possible.

However there are those who are into Japanese women but also like to see shaved pussies in order to be in the mood when they watch the videos, JpShavers is an adult entertainment site that gives you both, they have gorgeous Japanese performers with natural tits and clean, shaved pussies, and they know what you want and they deliver it.

The site is filled with high resolution pictures showing shaved pussies of Japanese AV models, their background is elegant and simple and all of the videos that they have displayed are neatly arranged, the first one that you will see once you scroll down is the section wherein it shows the 307 high definition scenes that they have, the next sections shows their top rated full length DVD movies and there are about 2,248 of them, they also made a section wherein you can watch their most viewed and highly rated videos.

All of their contents are updated regularly, each of them lasts for about 20 minutes to an hour and they have about 45 categories on their site so you can enjoy more niches that also involve shaved pussies.

Another site feature is that once you become a member of the site, you will gain access to 22 other hardcore Japanese adult entertainment sites such as AllJapanesePass, POVJP, TokyoBang, JapaneseSlurp, JapaneseTeacher, JapaneseCosplay and more. They also have customer support representatives that are friendly and who are always willing to help you regarding any concerns or questions, they are available 24/7 and they can be contacted through phone or through email.

This site features Japanese women with clean and shaved pussies that those with fetishes about it will definitely be satisfied. They have about 1,486 gorgeous models in the entire network that you can choose from and that you can watch as each model have their own scenes and gallery of pictures, all of which are high definition and high resolution, you can download them, convert them and transfer them into any device of your choice. At the top most part of the site you will see the models tab wherein they are arranged by alphabetical order so that it would be easier for the subscribers to look for the model that they want, some of these Japanese bombshells are Amina Konno, Mayu Satomi, Hana Yurino, Shuri Atomi, Tomoka Hayama, Sakura Chinami and many more, the site itself has about 88 models available for viewing.

They set up their models in different scenarios as some of them are being filmed while they are in the bedroom, living room, sauna, kitchen, outdoors and cars. They are also paired up with different types of men and they are also engaged in threesomes and gangbangs. One video that is included in the most viewed section of the site is that of the model Sankihon Nozomi, she was in her kitchen trying to get her sink fixed when two plumbers came in and helped her out, she was wearing a very provocative outfit, a pink tank top and a grey mini skirt so when she bent over her underwear was visible making the two men feel all hot and bothered, they then started touching her and lifting her skirt more, they removed her tank top and squeezed and licked her massive breasts, they rubbed and played with her pussy using their fingers before making her kneel on the floor and perform a blowjob for the both of them, they also made her ride their cocks as they kissed her passionately and filled her holes. Her video ended with their cum being shot in her mouth and on her face.

Another gorgeous model that is featured in the site and which her scene is included in the most viewed section is Maya Aikawa, she was in the bedroom undressing in front of the camera and two hands reached out to grab her melons, squeezing them and flicking her hard nipples, the camera then did a close up as she laid on the floor mattress and the man behind the camera removed her underwear and lifted her tank top, his cock then was rammed insider her and the camera focused on her shaved pussy as the man meat went in and out of her in a very fast pace.

The camera did a close up on her face as she moaned and screamed from the pure pleasure that she was feeling, it did a close up on her tits as she took the cock by the hand and placed in between her breasts and rubbed it and it also did a close up on her pussy as it was being pounded.

this one is the most awesome oriental adult website if you're up for top notch porn flicks


JpShavers is a Japanese adult entertainment site that features women who have shaved pussies, and it is considered unique as most Japanese models have bushes on them, so if you love the Japanese adult entertainment scene and are a fan of shaved pussies then this site is for you.

They have 45 categories that you can select and thousands of high definition videos that you can watch and download anytime, they also have a very fast streaming option so you can view their videos on your computer or laptop.

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