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Surely the most worthy membership adult website if you like amazing hardcore videos

Twistys Review

Want to know a site that showcases the most beautiful girls that ever starred in the porn world? Well look no further! Thanks to Twistys, you can now see all the beautiful girls you want, doing all the porn you want! The sexiest, hottest, most beautiful girls in porn such as Tori Black, Kali Rose and Lena Nicole, are all here in Twistys!

Whether you want those pornstars or those who are new to the porn world, you’re going to find them all here, sucking and fucking those huge cocks or playing with themselves and everything else. You will find that what you find in Twistys you won’t find anywhere else, and if you think that you already know what superior beauty and hot sex is, Twistys will show you that there is more than what you actually know is there when it comes to beauty and sex.

Twistys’ blue, pink and white color-theme shows a feminine vibe to the site, but don’t be fooled if you think that this site is for girls, in fact, it is the guys who will love everything in this site to death. You’re gonna see all the good porn that is in store for everyone here in Twistys. You have to know beforehand though that Twistys is a pay site, and people gotta pay up to see all those beauties that are waiting for their beauty to be exposed to you.

Don’t worry about the payment though, because you’re going to get so much more to compensate what you paid for. First and foremost with that is you’re gonna get a site that is 10 years worth of daily updates. Even if the site is just updated with 1 video and photoset per day, that’s still a total of 3650 videos and photosets, but the actual number of videos that you’re gonna get in the site is actually higher, at about 60,000+ videos! Talk about a huge collection! If you think that’s huge, the photo collection is even bigger, at around 2 million photos! Whew! That’s a lot! That’s no surprise though, as the number of models who are working for the site number up to 4,000+ models.

That’s the more surprising figure, the amount of models who work for the site. You also get 5 bonus sites as well as some other older, more classic sites, but you get the gist of what you get when you join Twistys. Back to the main Twistys page, you’re going to see as well that you get a site that’s easy to navigate in. The usual tabs setting is in place even in Twistys, as well as a section per tab, but that’s fine, as it’s the most efficient method of making stuff readily available anyways. There’s a tab for the home page, signified by a house icon on the topmost part of the page, and in the home page there are sections for the updates, the top rated models, and a section for the Twistys’ Treats down there.

There is a separate tab for the Treats though, and you can really see that in there you get the hottest girls available in the porn industry. They have been voted upon by the members, and they get the highest vote. However, you can see in the tab for models that all of the girls are very beautiful, and I bet everyone can say that it doesn’t matter who becomes the Treat of the month up there because they’re all very beautiful.

Also, in the models tab, you can click on the pic of the pornstar shown, which, by the way, is just so hot, and you can see some information about that pornstar, like her other aliases, her overall rank in Twistys, how many videos and photosets she has, as well as the videos that they have starred in. Twistys got you covered in all aspects, you don’t have

Beautiful girls, that’s what the site promised is in the opening page they have. And boy does the site deliver. You can see beautiful girls in other sites as well, however you’re not gonna see as many of them here anywhere else. That’s the similarity all of them have, however these girls come from all in all shapes and sizes.

Twistys have them different hair colors, they have them with different bust sizes, and they have them in different skin colors. They have them brunettes and blondes. They have them big busts or flats. And they have them all, whether they’re tan, or fair, or whatever skin tone they have. They have newcomers to the porn world, and they have pornstars. Girls like Tori Black for example, who is my favorite by the way, are present here. Why is she my favorite? Because even amidst her beautiful state, she still has the prowess to do those hardcore stuff and make the porn experience as wild as possible.

She’s just the perfect combination for any porn fan out there. The videos present us their deeds, and it presents the latter real good. They can reach to up to 1080p. Those very high definition videos are common, if not the standard thing to see in Twistys. It’s present in all the videos, and the quality of the photos are also comparable to this. The best part of this is that all of the videos and photos are downloadable, and there is no download limit in all of the videos and photos!

definitely the best membership porn site to enjoy top notch porn videos


I dare say this, Twistys is like Disneyland or Enchanted Kingdom, or any big park with rides and stuff that are available, in the sense that there are just so many fun things to do that you won’t be able to cater your want to try out everything in a single day, and you don’t know which one you will try out first because everything is just too good!

Twistys is presented so well, the color theme is very casual but the site itself seems very professional and everything you love about about porn, with the addition of the fact that all of the girls are pleasing to the eyes, just give you nothing but waves of excitement that will last for a long while.

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